The Natural Fertility Coach – Fertility, conception and pregnancy information for prospective parents, midwives and health practitioners

Are you aware the actual reason you cannot create a baby might be that … a chemically ‘toxic environment’ is silently ‘killing off your own body’s natural ability’ to create viable eggs?

Also, Generally Recognized Fertility Drugs and Popular Fertility Remedies like In vitro fertilization treatments and ICSI, can’t only cause… horrible lengthy term health issues but might be directly accountable for conception of the unhealthy embryo!

She connected her acupuncture existence with raising four children, birthing on them a niche of 18 years.

This brought her to concentrate on women’s health problems, branching into all types of fertility and pregnancy management.

Louise is enthusiastic about education and alter being a member of the recovery process, and positively helps individuals would seek her help undertake their very own inner blocks, empowering these to own their very own healing journey.

She calls upon a mixture of vibrational, medicinal and practical tools, acupuncture, naturopathy, Chinese herbal treatments and existence counselling.

Additionally to dealing with patients through her busy infertility / obstetric practices in Queensland and NZ, she’s constantly researching and upgrading her infertility and pregnancy e-dvd’s and books for that wider audience.

Like a new mother although learning acupuncture and naturopathy within the late 70’s, she was always very conscious of the women’s , children’s, and family health insurance and sustainability issues.

In those days, when Louise began practice, there wasn’t any HELP FOR SUBFERTILITY (which is when sperm counts needed to show a minimum of 80 searching normal – not really being helpful always.

When lecturing, whether it’s to her peers, allied professionals, or any other interested persons, she brings each one of these healing arms into an amalgam…

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