Jealousy ~ How To Overcome Jealousy and Stop being Jealous

You are here because either you and your partner is jealous which jealousy is painful enough inside your relationship and existence that you are finally ready to get rid of it. We are relationship coaches Susie and Otto Collins and you’ll not know us yet, but we are experts on helping individuals like you overcome jealousy before it ruins your relationship and existence. We produced this site because you want to assist you to eliminate the jealousy that’s causing a lot discomfort, misery and uncertainty between your most significant part of your existence. To be able to best help you accomplish that, we want to inquire about a couple of questions about jealousy as well as your relationship. This can only take the time and do not worry… These questions as well as your solutions are for the eyes ONLY like a tool for finding precisely how BIG the jealousy issue is for you personally inside your relationship and just what the next steps are suitable for overcoming it. So, breathe deeply, relax and answer the next questions as freely and honestly as possible…

Maybe you have examined on your lover by searching through their mobile phone, computer, email, purse, briefcase etc. to determine who they really are contacting you don’t learn about?

Maybe you have accused your partner of dressing too provocatively or too nice for that occasion?

Maybe you have accused your partner of “flirting” or just being too friendly with another person?

Has your lover ever recommended they may consider departing the connection because of the jealousy?

Do you call your lover when you are feeling anxious simply to make certain they are avoid another person or doing something they should not do?

Do you believe that your partner is searching at and having to pay an excessive amount of focus on other attractive…

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