– Essentials For Starting a Women’s Group

Learn to Start – and make – Your Own Personal Strong, Positive, Supporting Women’s Group That’s Certain To Last For Many Years

Maybe you have desired to begin a women’s group… but simply did not understand how to take that initial step?

Are you currently worried the passion for the women’s group might fizzle following a couple of conferences… and make you feel disappointed?

Are you currently afraid you don’t understand how to find – and fasten with – like-minded women to participate your group?

And they’re all VALID concerns because very frequently a good idea for a women’s group may not allow it to be past two or three conferences, or worse… never get began to begin with.

However when you possess the right information and also the right advice you are able to eliminate each one of these concerns making these complaints completely irrelevant.

And if you have the best step-by-step guide, you are able to make sure that your idea blossoms right into a lengthy-lasting women’s group that provides you with support and encouragement for many years.

Hello, i’m Pat Brill and that i used to be just where you stand today.I needed to construct several friendship, support, personal growth, encouragement… and that i wanted to produce a peaceful retreat where we women could discuss our way of life, our dreams as well as our issues with other ladies who truly cared.Sounds great, right?The issue was I simply did not understand how to get began.

I made the decision to leap in, and along with the aid of my pal Karen Fusco, I got my little group off the floor.More than time Karen and I needed to cope with all sorts of issues. We made mistakes… but we learned from…

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