F&RP 01 – My Harmonious Marriage

My Friendship &amp Romance workbook. This is actually the initial step towards altering your relationship for that better. It is a easy and simple to use tool for:

Some people learn better by studying, so I have also incorporated a duplicate of my Friendship &amp Romance Program Ebook.

The PMS Survival Skills for males Audiobook. Does your husband or partner have his heart in the best place but “no clueInch regarding what’s happening for you personally?

I am so certain that you’ll love the Friendship &amp Romance Program I am providing you full no questions requested 2 month Money-back guarantee

The all inclusive costs from the Friendship &amp Romance Program books &amp CD’s is more than $125.00 plus postage. If however you click the Increase Cart button below right you can now download all this And obtain my email support…

You begin by hearing my Audiobook that is reinforced through the eBook. These two sources are filled with practical tips, strategies and ways that you could immediately use to achieve insight with regards to you, the dynamic of the relationship and also to find out the reoccurring problems that you might be experiencing. With this particular new perspective in your relationship, after this you utilise the Workbook that has been specified by an easy to make use of format in which you literally take two minutes every day to tick some boxes about your feelings with regards to you, your lover as well as your relationship. Then, If you wish to dig further lower into what’s really happening inside your relationship you will find the option where once per week you are able to consolidate your everyday notes if you take a couple of minutes to tabulate them onto a pre formatted weekly table. Monthly follow this track of an identical process through the use of your weekly notes on another…

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