Welcome to Transform Your Marriage: Online Marriage Workshop

Two Couples Struggle In Marriage; One Marriage Ends, The Other Marriage Thrives. The Difference Is In The Action They Take!
Almost 50 of marriages have difficulties. Many people think it is simply a coin-toss on whether a marriage succeeds or fails. They are wrong. You CAN make the difference! Success or failure is in your hands.

In October and November, we hosted the Online Marriage Workshop. There are no plans to repeat the event. But I had many requests to attend, but we couldn’t handle any more participants. And I have had many, many requests for the transforming information from the workshop.
We have decided to offer all the information included in the workshop for those who were unable to attend, and at a fraction of the cost for those who could not afford to attend.
Now I know that some of you have already decided this is for you (some of you have already told me so). If that is the case for you, just skip to the bottom and register. All others, keep reading!
I just received this letter and wanted to share it with you (with the permission of the writer):
“Dr. Baucom, I just want to thank you for your book, “Save The Marriage”. While it did not save my marriage (we should have everything signed off in a couple of days), it still helped me find wisdom and comfort. I never plan to re-marry but I hope to have some meaningful relationships in the future. What I discovered in your book will stay with me and will hopefully lead to a better understanding of relationships. The fact that my marriage didn’t last is not a failure on your part but rather on mine for waiting…

To read more on this topic Welcome to Transform Your Marriage: Online Marriage Workshop


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