Beyond Consciousness – Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.

In the Desk of Dr. Steve G. Johnson, Erectile dysfunction.D. Clinical Hypnotherapist, Loa Master Trainer, Founder American Alliance of Hypnotists

As I am penning this letter for you, the World and also the cosmos will work difficult to bring eight spiritual “hacks” to your existence today.

They are special and unique because every one has a typical denominator – your subconscious. They are able to simply be activated using your subconscious – the greater effective arena of a persons mind.

This special letter I have ready for you isn’t about me, neither is it about wonderful things that others did. It comes down to you and also how this new realm unleashed in your subconscious can awaken beautiful… and tangible transformations inside your everyday existence.

Have you ever ever desired to increase your potential like a person through techniques that are simple to perform as well as simpler to understand?

Are you currently thinking about taking full charge of your subconscious mind to be able to establish an amazing link with the World itself?

Have you ever every considered of finally conquering the continual stresses that actually provide you with lower physically and emotionally?

Should you clarified yes to these questions then please look at this letter cautiously as the subconscious continues to be trying to resolve your trouble for a really lengthy time.

However, you haven’t had the ability to make the most of the subconscious mind’s amazing talents and natural power. Your natural mental forces and most importantly, your spiritual powers, have lain dormant for too lengthy…

This really is most likely one from the primary explanations why you are feeling frustrated, stuck in a few of the major hurdles that you have now. What you have to realize is the fact that no hurdle is simply too big for your own personel spiritual powers. However, these…

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